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BHUTAN BY EXPERTS has opened and is here to provide an authentic, unique and personal approach for travel to the hidden Kingdom of Bhutan. Though a small company, we take pride in telling others that we offer services that not many giant companies could offer. We make sure that our guests get plenty of attention, care and love by offering personal heartfelt services and facilities.

We are a strong believer of quality tourism. From our traditional tours of breathtaking and awe-inspiring sacred temples and forts, we also give our guests the opportunity to learn and discover a living culture coming right back from the 17th century. Small and a fairly young company operated by young professional enthusiasts, we are ready to take up all big challenges.

This type of commitment and work ethic would rightly define BHUTAN BY EXPERTS. So, give us a chance to be your travel companion to Bhutan and discover the undiscovered with the experts as your host.