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Day 01:  Paro – Shana
You are driven up to Drukgyel Dzong to the trek starting point.  The route follows the river, leading gently uphill through a narrow cultivated valley, passing through a village. Camp is in a meadow and stay in a stone shelter.

Day 02:  Shana  –  Soi Thangthangkha
The trail continues the ascent along the river path. The valley narrows and then closes in.  The path then descends to a meadow. Camp is in a meadow and stay in a stone shelter. Altitude 3700m, distance 21km and take about 9 hours

Day 03:  Soi Thangthangkha  –  Jangothang
You continue walking along the Pa Chhu (river) and pass a small army post where the valley beings to widen again.  There are great views of high ridges and snow-capped peaks. You also see yaks and the winter homes of yak herders.  Camp is at a ruined fortress at the base of Mount Jhomolhari.  Alt. 4,040m, distance 19km and takes about 5 hours

Day 04:  Jangothang  – Lingshi
You pass through wide-open yak pastures along the trek route. Weather permitting, you can have great views of Lingshi Dzong as you descend to the Lingshi basin. You may also see Tserim Kang and its glaciers at the north end of the valley. Camp is in a stone shelter or in a tent. Alt. 4,150m, distance 19km, time and takes about 5 hours

Day 05:  Lingshi – Chebisa
Today is the shortest walking day, and you can take it easy.  At Chebisa Village you can walk into town and see village life and houses. Alt. 3,850m, distance 19km and takes about 5 hours

Day 06:  Chebisa  – Shomuthang
The route leads through wild high pastures and crosses Gobula Pass at an altitude of 4,350 meters. Camp is above the river, on a tributary to the Mo Chhu, flowing just below Gasa Tsachu.  Alt. 4,260m, distance 17km and takes about 6 hours

Day 07:  Shomuthang  – Robluthang
An early start is needed for trekking to the Jarela Pass, altitude of 4,600 meters. The trail then descends to Tsharijathang, the valley where takins (Bhutan’s national animal) are usually seen. Overnight in camp. Alt. 4,390m, distance 15km and takes about 5 hours

Day 08:  Robluthang  – Lemithang
After crossing Shinglela pass, altitude 4,900 meters, the trail descends to follow the valley.  Lemithang is in the Laya district and the trek passes through Laya villages. Camp is beneath Gangchen Ta, the great Tiger Mountain. Alt. 4,2135m, distance 19km and takes about 6 hours

Day 09:  Lemithang  – Laya
The route descends along a closed-in winding river valley.   The trail splits, with one trail following the river down and the other staying high leading to the west of Laya village.  Camp is on a high flat bench above the east end of Laya Village. Alt. 386m, distance 10km and takes about 4 hours

Day 10:  Laya
You can visit the Laya Village and see village life and houses, or you can hike above the campsite.

Day 11:  Laya – Koena
The trail winds up and down along the river valley. Views of the crashing river, feeder streams and waterfalls are often passed. Overnight in camp. Alt. 3,850m, distance 19km and takes about 7 hours

Day 12:  Koena  – Gasa
Crossing Balala pass, altitude 3,739 meters, the trail then descends to the campsite near Gasa Dzong. Alt. 2,970m, distance 17km and takes about 6 hours

Day 13:  Gasa  – Gasa Tsachu
Trek goes to Gasa Tsachu (hot spring). After lunch, you get to relax at the hot spring.  Overnight in camp.

Day 14:  Gasa Tsachu  – Geon Damji
After the climb away from Gasa Tsachu, the trail winds through fields and villages.  Overnight in camp.  Alt. 2,280m, distance 21km and takes about 7 hours

Day 15:  Geon Damji – Tashithang
The trail descends from the high agricultural benches above the Mo Chhu into a lush semi-tropical gorge filled with banana trees, creepers and an occasional monkey.  Camp is at Tashithang.  Alt. 560m, distance 17km and takes about 6 hours

Day 16:  Tashithang  – Khuruthang/Punakha
You are driven down the Punakha valley. Overnight at hotel.

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