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Gain the privilege and experience Bhutan in its true cultural and the blend of westernization. For those who are nature lovers while appreciating the cultural blend of societies yet the depth of Bhutanese culture. Bhutan has roads connecting almost all parts of the country making it a continuous flow for the riders to take on. The mountainous terrains mitigates the chances of a straight road but the rider is surely promised about 5-10+ curves in every kilometer, nevertheless it is rewarded with blast of serenity and the breathtaking photographic moments with the majestic mountains will be presented without fail.

Motorcycle tour is gaining trend rapidly. With more bikers flooding, the people are getting a spectacular view of bullet bikes being ridden throughout the country. The rest of Bhutan gets lesser traffic than the capital city Thimphu; even where traffic lights aren’t in sight, making the tour relaxing and refreshing.

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